NekoGirl (nekogirl001) wrote in hp_sims,

Potion ingredients

Hello all, I'm a brand new member to this HP simming community, & I really hope there's some people still around.

I currently have a project in the works for an AU ideal, which has Severus Snape as Harry's step-father, Lily still alive & married to Snape (the point of this whole thing, I'm one heck of a Sev/Lily fan, yet I also don't want the canon to change TOO much over the AU idea, because I love it so much), & them with a daughter.

My project is altering the Dursley scenes to be that of my AU, where the majority takes place in Snape & Lily's home or the Weasleys' home.

Point of this post is, however..... do any of you know where I can download objects of the Potions ingredients? I know I could always use the magic ingredients from Apartment Life, but I'd prefer a little more realisim & a little less laziness on my part. =P
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