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I should probably post here one of these days

Right now I'm strictly a Sims 1 person and am likely to remain so. But if anyone wants to see pictures, I put them in my journal occasionally, and having uploaded five Harry Potter house pictures to my webpage, I thought I might display them here. Noone seems to appreciate the old game anymore.

This is from my initial Sims game, where I had only the basic game. I moved Draco, Pansy and Snape into one house, where they ended up being visited by all the Gryffindors I'd moved in! This is Pansy dancing with Alicia, having apparently made an odd choice in her apparal for the day(I like to have my Sims change clothes, though I had them do so more in the original game than in my current one).

I crowded Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, and Angelina into one house. This is a shot from that house, of Ron and Luna.

But don't be fooled by the previous picture, I'm too much of a R/Hr shipper to hook Ron up with Luna. Instead Luna and Angelina spent so much time with each other I hooked them up instead. Then they decided to adopt a baby, throwing the entire house into chaos, when Ron and Hermione's adopted kid, visible here in the upper-left hand corner, had barely left her cradle.

With all that chaos, it's hardly surprising at least one person decided to move out. Alicia lived with Percy unlike he married Betty Newbie, and then Harry married Alicia and moved in with her. Though none of them had much time to enjoy wedded life, before I got my hands on a few expansion packs and was forced to start everything over.

In the lengthy process of exchanging the basic Sims with the Double Deluxe with Hot Date, I misplaced Luna's head and it got deleted, so she now has a Maxis-made head. The Nargles must have gotten to her hair. This is her talking with Dean.
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