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Harry Potter Sims

Home of Computerized HP Fanfic

A Place to Post your Harry Potter Sims!
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The Home for Harry Potter Sims!
This is the place to post pictures of your Harry Potter Sims. I'm sure there are zillions of fans out there that find it hard not to make their Sims HP-related and we want to see them! Feel free to post any manner of storyline. It's even better if you make your own captions! I like to call it Computerized Fanfic. ;)

Just a few rules
-Put your posts under an lj-cut if they are more than one picture.
-Clearly mark any post that is rated R or over.
-Be respectful! If you don't like a ship in a storyline, just skip over it. This is just for fun, folks!

Thanks! If you have any questions, I can be reached at hp_sims@gmail.com or at my journal: community_jen